Friday, November 21, 2008

Tools for thriving

So how did I continue to thrive through all the intensity of the current administration (endless war, shenanigans beyond belief, and greed running rampant) and the political campaign that seemed to last forever? Flower essences were part of the answer. Believe me, flower essences are potent and wonderfully easy to use.

The first flower essences were made by Dr. Edward Bach, a respected surgeon and general practitioner in London during the early part of the last century. He went on to create homeopathic remedies, and then created what are still know as the Bach Flower Remedies.

Another doctor, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, gave us the next piece: the human electrical system. In the 1950s, he pioneered a series of radical innovations in radiology that are now routine at every major hospital in the world. He was then promoted to the most respected position in his field: head of diagnostic radiology at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute. In 1985 he served as chairman of Karolinska's Nobel Assembly, which chooses the laureates in medicine. He was a brilliant, very innovative, very imaginative scientist, who has made significant contributions to radiology and medicine.

In the 1960s, he saw something on an x-ray that he had never seen before, and set about finding out what it was. In the process, he discovered that our bodies have an electrical system, and it is way beyond the system described in acupuncture. The circuits are switched off by an injury, an infection, a tumor, emotional upset, or even by the normal activity of the body's organs; voltages build and fluctuate; electric currents course through arteries and veins and across capillary walls, drawing white blood cells and metabolic compounds into and out of surrounding tissues. This electrical system works to balance the activity of internal organs and, in the case of injuries, represents the very foundation of the healing process. It's as critical to the well-being of the human body as the flow of blood. Disturbances in this electrical network are involved in the development of disease.

He started to work with patients who had gone through every protocol and still had tumors. He experimented, manually connecting the electric circuits of the body through the tumors. Most patients were cured just by that treatment. The rest, who still had some tumor, were treated with very low doses of chemo and became cancer free. And they stayed cancer free long enough to be considered "cured."

In 1983 Nordenstrom published a 358-page book covering more than two decades of experimental work, entitled Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, Ex- perimental, and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System, and it's about electrical activity in the human body – the biological equivalent of electric circuits.

At this point, it is still cutting edge in the scientific world. Okay, so why is this relevant to flower essences? Because flower essences are essentially an electrical pattern. The flower petals that are floated in water in the making of the essence hold the electrical pattern of the flower. Each flower has a healing potential that can be used in repairing, balancing and stabilizing other electrical systems (human, animal and so on). So if we select the correct essence, we can easily repair our own electrical systems.

How do we select the correct essence? That too is easy. We use our body's electrical system to tell us which essence will repair, stabilize and balance our own electrical system - through applied kinesiology, also called "muscle testing." Muscle testing uses the electrical circuits of the body to accurately answer any yes or no question. Many of us are already using the simple technique to repair stabilize and balance the electrical systems of our bodies. Flower essences, properly selected and used, keep the electrical system working properly, which brings the whole body into greater balance and health.

In my practice, I have had so many clients look at me and ask some form of "How did you know that was an issue for me? I haven't told anyone" or "How did you know that is what I am working on in therapy?" The answer is in the electrical system. It still amazes me with its simplicity and absolute elegance. And it works so well.

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