Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heart of Aquamarine

Recently I had a big breakthrough moment, on a coaching call. The coach, Cinda, is not famous. She is a friend of mine, and she coaches writing at a community college. She is very good at it.

I already knew that I didn't want to attract disapproving attention from conservative Christians for what I do. I know that what I do is healing. Many clients have told me so. What do I do? I work with clients to let go of energy that no longer serves them. Sometimes it is energy that is actually damaging. Sometimes it is attached to a person and sometimes is in their space - home or office. I am very good at it.

I also communicate with other species, and help them to get what they need; help the people (who generally are the ones asking and paying for my services) get what they need. I am very good at it.

Plus I am writing a book about animal souls in life and death. It was stalled. I mean completely stalled - had been for months. At the same time, I was getting the message from all directions to FINISH THE BOOK!

So, when I talked to Cinda, we keyed in on the fact that I didn't want to be "seen." I already knew that, yet didn't know how to clear it. It felt important in my long dry spell with the book. How could I write a bestseller and not be "seen"?

During the session, Cinda went right for the manifestation in my body. In the process, with her guiding me, I let go of some old "stuff" from my liver and gall bladder. Interesting. I had been having pain there, and the wonderful alternative healer I go to (my experience is that he can heal anything) had not been able to budge it.

As I let go, I felt euphoric. We completed the session, and I went right to the computer. Within the next 24 hours, I took the book completely apart and put it back together in a way that made complete sense, and had five chapters done and three more outlined!

Very soon after I was sitting in my friend Tee's living room talking to her about the experience. Tee is a writer also. As I started, my hands were crossed over my heart. At one point I opened my arms, and Tee gasped. She said "There is a bright aquamarine light at your heart!"

I believed her, yet knew I didn't need to do anything about it. The next day, Tee sent me an email:

"Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, so unless your heart is in your throat, I'm not sure of the meaning behind what I saw this evening. But, geeminy, did I ever see a bright, glowing, spinning orb of aquamarine energy beneath your hands; when you moved them and revealed your chest, it was an amazing sight. After extensive googling, here's the only link I found between aquamarine and the heart:

Aquamarine can also work with the Heart Chakra by helping one to realize their innermost truth. Aquamarine facilitates the releasing of old patterns of behavior that no longer serve, and that actually inhibit one's growth."

How about that!

Energy moves, patterns let go and we move into greater coherence.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bowser Update

My cat friend Bowser wasn't peeing. Actually he did occasionally pee on the carpet. Money being a bit more scarce, and reluctant to subject Bowser to a trip to the vet and pharmaceutical remedies, I asked him if he would be willing to let my friend Rose attune him to Reiki. Rose is a Reiki Master, and often attunes animals who need this tool to heal themselves.

Rose had done this for my friend Misty before she died. In the year or so after Misty received the Reiki attunement, she had healed herself of incipient kidney failure. Any doctor would tell you this isn't possible. Kidney function does not return. Besides the kidney, Misty healed her hind leg that had been shattered in a tangle with a car when she was 2 years old. Most of her life she had walked on all four legs, but had run on three legs. Not long before she died I watched her run flat out after a rabbit on all four legs.

Bowser was ebullient! He healed his bladder issue in just a few minutes, and now is back to normal. He has more energy too, and is pestering me more to play with him. He was very clear with Rose about what he wanted. Sometimes we think animals don't know very much. What I know is that they can be much smarter than we are about very practical matters!

All Things Green

Pushed by the recession and the high price of quality food and gas to get to the stores, two friends/neighbors and I are planning an organic garden. We are lucky - there is a large green meadow next to us, owned by the same organization from whom we rent our apartments.

We have a friend who has a tiller, and another wonderful woman gave us almost all the seeds we need and want. Hopefully someone in our agricultural surroundings will give us manure for free as well.

I sometimes remember my roots: My dad's family always had a garden (and Dad still does); and my mom's dad was a dairy farmer. In his day the way to keep the fields fertile was to rotate crops and put manure on the fields. Did you know that chemical fertilizer wasn't available until the World War I era? It was a new way to fix nitrogen, and it was developed for bombs. Michael Pollan talks about it in The Omnivore's Dilemma ( a wonderful book to read if your are interested in how we get our food these days).

Fortunately for me, I have an autoimmune disease that gets worse when I eat processed food, sugar and grains. When I realized the medical model would have me taking immune suppressant drugs, I decided to look at my food very carefully. Now I eat LOTS of vegetables, some fruit, some chicken and fish, occasional turkey, eggs, nuts and seeds. I do NOT eat corn syrup - high fructose or otherwise.

Having an organic garden feels like going back to my roots.

I watched a video about urban gardening in Cuba. It was necessity that drove this movement as well, when Russia collapsed and no longer sent food and other supplies to Cuba. So the gardens are all organic - no chemicals were coming into the small island country. They are near the people who consume the food so transport has less impact than in the U.S. What a wonderful thing. I think we could learn from their necessities before food becomes quite so dire an issue here in the States.