Sunday, April 19, 2015


Jolie came into my life from the Humane Society.  She was in a small space.  She is a Tortus, with lots of colors.  My Dad had to be there to agree to take her into our home.  I had been rubbing her ears, and smoothing hair.  Dad agreed, and we all went home together.

That's when we found out that she was/is ramabuncsh.  We fortunally have a very big house.  She is loving and also can jump on most places in the house.  She loves to sit in my Dad's bed because he doesn't make his bed.  She lives in my bedroom too.  Mostly she is quite active and happy.

We had a cat before - a male cat.  He came to me from a family who loved him, but his hair created problems.  He was with us for a number of years.  When he started to have problems, we went to the
veterarian.  She told us that he did not have long to live.  We took him home for afew days.  When he was struggling, we went to vet.  She said she could give something for a few days so we could say goodbye.  When we went back to the vet, she said it is time.  She gave him something to put him to sleep and then something to let him out of his body.  My Dad and I dug a place for him.

It was a while before I could think about another cat.  But life goes on, and in came Jolie!  She jumps on the six foot fence - and walks around on the fence!  I have a harness for her so we can walk together.  I have to laugh!