Thursday, January 27, 2011


This morning I had a deep insight.  I remembered an dear friend who was also my astrologer.  She was highly intuitive, and made some predictions that came true long afterward.  One of the things she told me was that a particular time I would experience what my life work would be. 

At the time she had indicated, I had some unusual experiences.  First, I wanted to connect with friend who lived in a trailer in the midst of dense woods.  I could have driven my car around the woods and taken a path to his home.  But I didn't.  Instead I set off in a straight line through the woods.  Of course, it was difficult and full of brambles.  Finally, I gave up and went back to the road.  Just as I got there, my friend drove up to where I was standing. 

I got into the car and we set off to a small, nearby lake.  At the lake, we sat down on a wooden pier and talked.  There were lots of dragonflies, not an unusual for a hot summer day at the lake.  What was unusual was that a pair of dragonflies landed on my knee.  They stayed there for about 15 minutes as we talked.

Eventually we got up and my friend took me to my car.  Our friendship continued through the years.  As long distance friendships go, we sometimes saw each other more frequently, and sometimes less.  I always
remembered that magical day.

Many years later I began a business.  As I was making decisions, I thought about what I should call my business.  I tried on a number of names, but none really fit.  Finally I happened on Dragonfly.  Since my business was largely about healing, magic, and flower essences, I settled on Dragonfly Essence.

Only today, after nine years in business, did I remember that day at the lake with my friend.  He died some years ago, and so did my astrologer friend.  I honor them both.  Both had profound and wonderful impacts on my life and work. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Second Chance

I recently finished reading a wonderful book, Second Chance, about a boy and a dog who were both adopted.  Sandra J. Gerencher is the author, and the book has just been published.  The book is delightful, and it would be a wonderful book for a family to read together.  I won't give it all away, but the boy is autistic, and both boy and dog are adopted.  I enjoyed it immensely.

One of the best things about this book is anyone of any age will take pleasure in the story.  Because of the subject, it is a valuable resource for adoptive parents and for parents of autistic parents. The story and the writing are upbeat while still including some of the inevitable challenges. Sandra has a winner as far as I am concerned! 

 She is a special education teacher in the Bangor Area public school
system. Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked at Lehigh University in a school-based program, as a Program Specialist for adults with disabilities. Over the past 20 years she has worked with children and adults with special needs in such areas as counseling, Behavior Specialist Consultation, behavioral research, crisis intervention and abuse therapy. Sandra graduated from Lehigh University with a M.Ed. in Special Education (2004) and from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia with an M.S. in Counseling Psychology (1999).

The book is a PBS Kids Recommended title: 

Go here for an excerpt:

 You can buy the book at

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Losing Your Only

I have just finished reading a book called Losing Your Only, written by Dr. Debi Yohn, Levi’s Mom.  Levi was her only child, and he died in a horrible car accident when he was twenty.  This is a very personal story, which helped Dr. Yohn discover her purpose - to motivate and support parents and others to live life to their highest potential. She puts all of her skill and experience into this wonderful book.  It is personal, and it is therapeutic.  It is lovingly and beautifully written.  For example:    
Before Levi passed, I had a textbook understanding of sadness, depression, and grief that I'd acquired from my doctorate in counseling psychology.  But my life experience has brought a new dimension to my knowledge.  That is why I am writing this book.  I hope my journey can help others with their grief, or at least help understand the intensity of the grief process that follows the loss of an only child.   

This book is particularly helpful for parents of only children who  have died, yet it is useful for anyone who has experienced the death of a beloved.  In fact it is for all of us, because no one escapes without facing the loss of a beloved at some time. I highly recommend Losing Your Only.                      

The digital version of the book is currently available at  If you would like to be notified about the upcoming print and audio release, please visit and send Dr. Debi your email address.
Dr. Debi Yohn is an international psychologist, author and speaker with 32 years experience living and working on 3 continents.  She currently live in Huatulco, Mexico and travels the world working with her clients, writing and diversified business and charitable interests. To read Dr. Debi's full bio, visit