Thursday, December 31, 2009

Essence of 2010

Tonight there is a Blue Moon - as in "once in a blue moon". Of course the moon will not appear to be blue. However, it is rare - and gave rise to the saying. This one is even more rare because it comes with a partial eclipse of the moon. The blue moon together with an eclipse occurs only about every 91 years.

Today, on the Eve of 2010, I was directed to create an essence for this year. From the astrology of this New Year, I know we will all need to stay grounded and clear. As I asked for the specific essences to go into the combination for 2010, I was aware that the astrology tells a story of increasing energetic urgency. We, the children of the Earth, must transform ourselves and the way we live and the way we connect with each other, with the Earth we live on, and with Spirit. We can use all the help we can get. This essence will support us in doing exactly that, each in our own ways.

The essences in the Essence of 2010 are: Ayahuasca Essence; Herkimer Diamond Essence; Borage Flower Essence; Coast Redwood Essence; and Mother Water from around the world.

For a detailed description of each component essence, or if you are interested in purchasing the essence, go to