Friday, November 28, 2008


So . . . Thanksgiving is over for this year . . . or is it? Can we live in Thanksgiving mode? It would make a better world I am sure.

Around our small table of three, plus the cat, we had plenty to eat, two good wines, and fun with Trivial Pursuit. Even the cat had special treats and a tiny taste of turkey.

One of my companions recalled a small dog who snatched a chicken left marinating to go on the grill, and then ran with it. They recovered the chicken and put it on the grill!

I recalled the Thanksgiving when my dog friend Shama did something more drastic. Shama was a Fila Brasilero, which means 100 pounds BIG. Just standing still she was 3 feet tall, and if she stood on hind legs she was much taller than I. My housemate had bought and roasted the turkey. After the meal I went to my room at the back of the house, while she cut the meat off the turkey and started soup with the carcass. When I came back to the kitchen a while later, I saw the platter of meat on the counter. Shama was eyeing it. So I warned my housemate, who said she would take care of it in a minute. I shrugged and went back to my room.

A while later, I returned to the kitchen. I saw Shama flopped out and an empty platter on the floor beside her! My housemate did not say a word about it.

My goal for the next year is to remain as thankful as I have been this week. I count my blessings.

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Tee said...

What a wonderful day. Good friends, good fun, and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Not your typical Thanksgiving, I rather appreciated the diversity. And the acai sorbet...oh, my!

Tetley wants to know what you're cooking for Christmas. ;)