Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flower Essences

More than twenty years ago, my dear friend and astrologer, Barbara Shere (who die about four years ago), told me that she saw me making things to empower people. "Flower essences, I think."

At the time, I thought "I don't want to learn anything new. I have plenty to do."

Then, about seven or eight years later, I found myself in a garden I had designed and created - backbreaking work and all. I was making a flower essence. As I remembered Barbara's prediction, I smiled. When I was finished with the essence, I went inside and called Barbara.

"Do you remember telling me I would make flower essences?"


"Well I was just in the garden making a flower essence from my own garden!"

We laughed and talked for a bit, and then I went back to my work.

Eventually I had made more than fifty flower essences, and a number of crystal essences as well. I began muscle testing and making essence combinations for anyone who would sit still long enough to let me work. I learned a lot. I also used my own self as a test subject, learning how the essences worked, subtly and powerfully.

These days I test myself daily, and seldom get a "Yes" on the question "Do I need an essence or combination?" Recently however, I got the inner nudge to test myself for essences. I kept testing and taking the essence that tested positive for me, until I finally got to a combination of three single essences plus a combination a friend had made. I laughed out loud when I read the definition of the first essence, Calathea. It helps one to follow a single thought when there are many thoughts and ideas crowding the mind. This is something I work on all the time. In our busy world many of us attempt to multi-task. It never works. The other essences were equally powerful, lifting anger and opening the heart. I am taking it for many months - in fact as long as I am also using a process from Perelandra Ltd. called a "calibration."

The calibration, as I understand it, "unsticks" energy and patterns that are jammed or not moving for some reason. In working on burning the excess fat off my body, I realized I needed help. What came up for me was to do a calibration every day for a long period of time. My muscle testing for the essence combination gave me a twice a day dose for the same time remaining for doing the daily calibration. I don't understand all the reasons and what exactly is happening. I do know it is working for my highest and best.

This is one small example of how essences can work.

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