Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nine Eleven

Don Manuel had said he would not come back to the U.S. again.  Then 9/11 happened.  Don Manuel brought healing to the site of 9/11.  He had planned to work with people in NewYork, Chicago and Washington State.  In New York and Chicago no one signed up for his teaching.  In Washington State, though, there was a full house.  Everyone I spoke to in this special session was absolutely certain they were meant to be there.

It actually started with an open forum with Don Manuel in Skagit County.  One of my friends brought Auntie Vi Hilbert, who was revered in all of the tribes of Washington.  I don't no what she saw in me, but she counted me as a grandaughter.  After the presentation, My friend brought Auntie Vi to the the edge of the stage.  Immediately Don Manuel beckoned to her to come up on the platform.  Three of us took the post of guardians.  Auntie Vi was speaking in her native language and Don Manuel in his native language.  The most interesting thing to me was that they absolutely knew what the other was saying.

Finally the day had come for us to go to Orcas Island, where we would be for several days.  Jose Luis translated for Don Manuel.  It was apparent to all of us that Don Manuel had something big in mind, but we didn't know until the last day.  We had a full room: about forty people.

The Incan way is to have a "Mesa" with sacred stones.  It is energetic, and very personal.  When I was in Peru, I gave a stone to Jose Luis.  He gave me one of his.  The Mesa shows who one is.  Don Manuel looked at every single mesa.  This was a major process because he had to look and understand what the stones in each mesa were about.  I can't say what anyone else's mesa was about, but Don Manuel knew what I was about.  I am certain that he knew everyone of us, especially the inner being.

Once he had checked out our mesa, something much more important happened.  Don Manuel gave all of his knowledge, and even more, his energy, to every single person in the room.  Once it was done, we made a collective into a whole body of light coming through all of us.  We literally became one.  I will never forget!  

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