Monday, October 14, 2013

After Machu Pichu

After Machu Pichu, we rode in the mountains on beasts that looked like ponies.  They were very sturdy and they knew how to stay on the trail.  Don Manuel took us to a high mountain plateau, where he checked each of us before we had a special ceremony.  Some of his friends were with us.  When he went past me, he said that I was a strong Shaman.  We heard some of what Don Manuel wanted us to learn.

Later we took the train back to Urubamba.  I was weary and got sick.  Fortunately it wasn't serious.  After a night and a day, I was fine to go.  There was a body of water, part of the Pacific Ocean and we were told that there is a feud over the water rights.  We went to a fancy hotel just a few yards away from the water - the first and only since that first day in Cusco.  I went down to the pier, sat for a while, and took some of the water in a small bottle.

The next day we set out on a boat. We landed on a small community that was built of reeds.  The people lived on fish, and more from the tourists.  After a while we got back on the boat and went to an island.  We were guests in different homes on the island, and we were tired and went to our beds as soon as we had dinner.

The Peruvians on the island were agricultural, and they also made clothing, pottery and just about all they needed.  We got to know our hosts.  They were very sweet and wonderful.

We had more experience of the Peruvian Spiritual way.  Some of our group went up to the top of the mountain.  Sadly, my lungs  -- and my entire body was not up to it.  We did go to an unusual store.  Each family had a table of their handiwork for sale.

I had given a stone to Jose Luis. I had done that because the still small voice pushed me to it   As we were getting ready to go back to the mainland, Jose Luis, and Mary's husband each gave me a stone.  It was without words, but I knew indeed what this was.

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