Monday, August 10, 2015


Once upon a large 13 acres.  I loved where I lived.  And then I decided I wanted a bee hive.  And there were some people who work with bees. We gathered once a month to learn and teach each others.  It was very wonderful.  I liked to watch the bees and began to really learn from the bees.

Bees stay near the hive, and from what I learned bees work together.  I loved working with them. Another aspect was talking with other bee keepers.  It helps to have others and we did share our

Another aspect is having sweet flowers. Where I was there was Fireweed in abundance.  The bees really loved the Fireweed.

When I was keeping bees, I had to have a suit to keep the bees from stinging.

Another part of beekeeping is getting it out of the hive.  It has to be spun.

When I was keeping bees, I had to have people who want the honey.

The bees work together.  We humans could take a look to see how the bees work.

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