Monday, January 16, 2012


I first heard of Perelandra in the mid 80's, when I visited a friend.  I wasn't up to par, and she suggested I do a "coning".  MAP is the name of program: Medical Assistance Program, and a coning is a connection with nature: the devas and Pan; and with the human side: the White Brotherhood, and with my own soul. The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual order, an organization of Ascended Masters united for the highest purposes of God on Earth.

My friend had me read the process, and I settled in comfortably on the sofa.  Immediately when I asked, I saw symbols for my White Brotherhood personal MAP team and my team for helping others.  The symbols for my teams were so perfect for me: a bear for my personal work, and a momma bear herding her babies for working with others.  I was born in Alaska, and bear has been my healing ally, with me all my life.

Later, the same friend was learning to work with flower essences, and I was a guinea pig.  She would put together a flower essence combination for me, and I would take it for a couple of weeks.  Often when I came back to tell what happened, I thought nothing had happened.  Then she would read what I had described that I wanted to work on. And the issue had been resolved, usually with such ease I hardly noticed that anything was different. 

An intuitive friend told me I would make my own essences, and I scoffed at that.   Then, in 1992, I moved to the country.  There was large back yard, and lots of well composted horse manure. My housemate had the garden workbook, but wasn't using it and gave it to me.  So  I made a garden with the help of the devas and nature spirits.  When flowers filled the garden,  I thought it was a great idea to make essences. One day when I was in the garden making essences, I called the friend who foretold that I would make essences.

A few years later a friend gave me the entire sets of Perelandra essences, along with the books!  And, you guessed it,  off I went again to work with conings of all kinds.  I have used conings for myself and for others.  I also use a coning to do almost anything difficult, important, or new to me.  It always makes anything easier.

I am SOOO grateful: for Perelandra, and for all the people who helped along the way.  I suggest you check it out at

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