Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beauty All Around

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go up into the Frasier River Valley in Canada.  It was spectacular!  The mountains impressed me the most.  At times the tops of the mountains were shrouded in mist, and they seemed to be floating high above everything.  Then the mists dissolved in the sunlight, and the mountains showed their greenery.  It felt a bit like heaven. The foliage was equal to the setting, with trees painted gold and bronze in the midst of green Pine trees and bright red Sumac.  And of course the Frasier River was a constant companion.

We stopped for lunch and it was very tasty!

As we wound our way up the valley to our friends' house, we were high above the river.  We had been warned about the big slide, and it was a BIG slide.  We had one lane for about 1/4 mile, and it was winding road so we couldn't see the end..  Another car came through from the other side, which was a bit scary.  But we managed to squeeze past each other. I must say our driver was VERY good.

Once we got to our friends' house, we had a wonderful reunion and party, with excellent food.  Some of the guests I hadn't seen for some years.  That was a blessing.  Our hosts' home is just up the hill from the river, and it was lovely and peaceful.  The dog was happy to have so much attention.  She is quite sweet.

On the way home, I took lots of pictures.  It appeared to me to be even more beautiful than when we were going up the valley.  It was the release of tension that I needed.  Someday , I hope to go back up the Valley.

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