Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Dog's Life – and Death

My dearly loved dog Shama was two feet tall, 100 pounds of muscle, and fiercely protective, yet she charmed almost everyone she met.  Her best dog friend Coco lived with my friend Lu (whom Shama also adored).  The two dogs ate from the same dish and slept on the same bed.  When circumstances led to Coco coming to the farm for an extended visit, Coco missed her "Mom," but generally was an outgoing and happy dog. 

Then one day I found Shama lying on the floor under the kitchen table whining.  I work with devas and nature spirits regularly, so I connected with them and asked if they could help her.  They indicated they would.  In fact, she had already ceased her quiet whimpering.  They also said no to my inquiry about taking her to the vet.  I talked to a friend who also communicates with animals, and she thought that Shama would be all right.

But by afternoon, Shama's belly was distended and hot, and the vet told me over the phone that expensive surgery was not likely to help.  Soon,  Lu arrived, and Shama laboriously got off the bed and went to her, leaning her massive head against her friend's legs.  Before long, I heard Shama'a death rattle and in minutes she was gone.  I later learned that Shama had gone to the astral plane, where a Native American teacher told her that her work with me was finished.  She was given a choice to stay with me for a brief time, for love, or take on a new job.  She decided to take on a new task.

We did ceremonial pipe over her body, and I heard my teacher in that lineage, Sun Bear, who was already on the other side, laugh at me and say "She's my medicine dog now!"  A friend who was present saw the same teacher, with Shama on one side and his long time companion Samoyed, Shasta, on the other.  Shama had not gone through the bardo, but went right from here to there, accompanied by Shasta. 

Lu made the decision that Coco would stay with me permanently.  For several years, she was my almost constant companion.  No one could replace Shama, yet Coco and I became good friends.  She was already fourteen when she came to me, and beginning to have aches and pains.  I began to talk to her about her choices.  She never understood "death."  When she finally had a severe problem that required surgery, I made the decision for euthanasia.  The vet was very gentle, yet I was devastated.  I knew she was fine – I felt her reach the light, and even heard her comical domination of the much bigger Shama.  She scolded in her sharp Aussie voice, "You didn't tell me where you were going, and I couldn't find you!"

I told my guides I needed a time out and wasn't willing to help any more animals cross over for a long time.  Not only Shama and Coco, but also two friends' dogs, a cat, two horses, a snake, and my own long time cat friend had needed my help within a ten year span.

Then I met Polly and Zoe.  Polly works with animal communication and Reiki, and Zoe was her service dog.  Zoe reminded me in many ways of Coco.  Zoe related to me very gently – licking my hand at one point – yet maintaining a slight but noticeable distance.  In talking to Polly about it, something shifted in me.  Zoe rolled over, exposing her belly and begging for petting and hugging.

Not long after, I met Thomas and his dog Jenny.  Thomas asked if I would create a flower essence blend for him and for Jenny, who had been having seizures.  The seizures had stopped, but she was very weak and lethargic.  Thomas was extremely distraught.

I found that Jenny was ready to die, but was waiting for Thomas to accept it.  The flower essence combination for Jenny was to assist after a paradigm shift – I knew she had already made the transition.  Thomas himself needed a calming essence and one for receptivity.

Also, my friend Shama, who still is definitely a medicine dog, came to me very strongly.  She said she would keep very close to Jenny through this, and take her to the other side when it was time.  Helping other animals who were getting ready to die was her new job.

There was a big gift in this work with Jenny that I did not even recognize at first because it was so obvious.

About 12 years prior a good friend's dog had an inoperable tumor on her pancreas.  She was having seizures 1 to 3 times a day.  Because my friend was too close to the situation to get clear, I often tuned in for her to see what was needed.  The family had long planned a complicated two week vacation with two other families – one of whom had non-refundable airline tickets.  So I dog sat while they were away.

The dog taught me a great deal about allowing – it was her life after all – and not being attached to the outcome.  She had refused to eat until I agreed with this principle, and then she began eating again.  Her family's return date was loose, the hour totally unknown.  But one a day near the date they were due to arrive, she was eager and excited all day.  Finally she insisted on going out front, where we sat on the porch for about 10 minutes until the car drove up.  A week later I was present when she died in her person's arms.  She was the first animal I supported while she was preparing for death.

Her name was Jenny.

Spirit had gently reminded me this was a part of my work and I really could not refuse to do it. 

When Polly asked me why I was taking Coco's death so hard, I realized that it wasn't about the animals.  Though I grieved, I could see them on the other side, and I KNEW they were fine. 

What it was about was stuck feelings/energy from childhood.   During an intense crisis at about age 10, I actually died, and went through the tunnel into the light.  It was so beautiful.  And what I was going through at the time was so horrendous, that I wanted desperately to stay.  But I was told, gently and clearly, that I had work to do, and a long and fruitful life ahead of me. 

Although I had healed much of the trauma around the cause of my near death, I had not processed the feelings and the energy around the death experience itself.  When I worked with animals who died, I saw them reach the light and longed for it myself.  It was too difficult, wanting to be there myself, to help animals reach their destination!

Finally, I have released that as well.  My work of communicating with Spirit and with Nature includes talking to animals, making flower and crystal essences for them, and sometimes helping them and their companions to prepare for their death.  Life is mostly joyful these days, and I am quite happy living my life until it's my time to go to the light.

Check out my web site at, or call at (360) 789-9599, or email   I am a flower and crystal essence practitioner as well as energy healer (humans and animals) and animal communicator.  I also sells flower and crystal essences and combine them with aromatherapy in sprays.

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