Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magic in the Air

Brrr. . . .It's cold all of a sudden! I noticed the spider webs weeks ago, and then it got hot again, followed by rain and winds. Now it's just cold.

My garden isn't frozen - too early for that, thank heaven. However, nothing is growing except maybe the chard and kale. The tomatoes aren't ripening - I'll have to bring them indoors.

Usually I enjoy the autumn. This year is different, this year is a bit crazy and people are cranky: it's not just the economy, though that is a challenge sometimes. I believe it is the huge changes that are happening. It is the energy of it. We don't know what will happen, and many people have nothing to really trust!

I just turned sixty, and in the midst of all of the chaos in the world, had a wonderful party. There was magic in the air. Fortunately the rain stopped, and we had a sunny day, though a bit breezy and chilly. My birthday present to myself was to have a ceremony of stepping into maturity, with two friends who were also ready to take that step.

We held the ceremony in a friends large and secluded back yard. The first sign of magic was the three does hanging out peacefully at the top of the yard, just in front of the greenbelt. Three does side by side were enjoying the sunshine. They were in the yard for at least a half hour!

As we were getting started, a four-point buck wandered through, taking his time and munching, quite unconcerned about more than a dozen of us peering at him from the bottom of the yard.

The fire was magnificent, and as it was blossoming, the wind blew from all four directions - a wonderful sign from my viewpoint!

Later, when we were in the midst of the ceremony, a honeybee flew up beside me, hovered for a moment and flew away. Did I mention that one of my totem animals is the honeybee? One of the other women going through the ceremony had a visitor also.

The three of us - indeed everyone there - were filled to the brim with quiet joy.

Later I spoke with another woman I know. We agreed that we are well taken care of against all odds. She told me about burning her hand quite badly, and having her family do energy work on it. When they finished, the hand was pink but did not hurt.

Personally, I notice it when there is always enough money for me to pay the bills, buy groceries and repair my 1985 Honda.

In the midst of chaos, life goes on and magic and mystery thrive. I am so blessed!

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