Sunday, March 8, 2009


One of the reasons I have been feeding the birds is for the benefit of Bowser. Despite the name, Bowser is a cat, not a dog. He is a twelve year old rescue cat who loves to sit in the window and watch the birds. When I said yes to taking Bowser, I wasn't sure why I was needed. His front feet are declawed. The people who gave him to me said that at one time he escaped from the household and was gone for about six months. When he came back to his people he was very skinny.

They didn't tell me he was terrified of having his head covered - something I found out accidentally. I am pretty sure someone captured him in a bag or blanket that went over his head. He was almost always crying in his sleep. And then I realized he needed healing. Actually, the healing I've offered has been very passive (even though my work is energetic healing). The main ingredient is loving him and behaving in a way he can trust.

One remarkable thing in this story involves my mesa. The mesa is a medicine bundle, created over time in my work as an energetic healer. Mostly it consists of powerful stones from the mountains of Peru and Western Washington. Bowser loves to sleep on top of it. Because we are talking about stones wrapped in a layer of wool, it cannot be the kind of comfortable that cats usually enjoy. Aside from my mesa, Bowser generally picks the softest places to sleep: on my lap, on a pillow, on a very soft wool blanket . . . . You get the picture.

He began to cry less and play a bit more.

And then . . . Bowser wasn't peeing. Actually he did occasionally pee on the carpet. Money being a bit more scarce, and reluctant to subject Bowser to a trip to the vet and pharmaceutical remedies, I asked him if he would be willing to let my friend Rose attune him to Reiki. Rose is a Reiki Master, and often attunes animals who need this tool to heal themselves.

Rose had done this for my friend Misty before she died. In the year or so after Misty received the Reiki attunement, she had healed herself of incipient kidney failure. Any doctor would tell you this isn't possible. Kidney function does not return. Besides the kidney, Misty healed her hind leg that had been shattered in a tangle with a car when she was 2 years old. Most of her life she had walked on all four legs, but had run on three legs. Not long before she died I watched her run flat out after a rabbit on all four legs.

Back to Bowser - he was ebullient! He healed his bladder issue in just a few minutes, and it is back to normal. Bowser no longer cries in his sleep. He loves to play, and talks a LOT. He had been afraid of my next door neighbor, and now he loves his new friend. He has more energy too, and is pestering me more to play with him.

He was very clear with Rose about what he wanted. Sometimes we think animals don't know very much. What I know is that they can be much smarter than we are about very practical matters!

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