Thursday, October 30, 2008

More about shadow

This election season has been more intense than any I have experienced. I just had a long phone conversation about it. I didn't mean in my first post to omit all the other shadow areas - and not just in our national politics. It is pervasive. I just learned that there was a Hilary Clinton nutcracker that was clearly sexist and anti-woman, even carried in what we think of a "respectable" stores until patrons protested. It comes in subtler ways as well. This is also shadow material. And the anger, fear and rage that have not been acknowledged and expressed are part of the shadow material. It doesn't help to vilify anyone.

The only way beyond is to acknowledge, at the very least to our own selves, what we feel and and what we fear.

There are a number of ways I have been working with my own shadow. Conversation helps. I remember Danaan Parry, who worked with people in Ireland when there was internal warfare. One of the things he did was to bring Catholic and Protestants together, have women and men talk as separate groups, and then all come together to share their experiences and feelings about being a woman or being a man.

For my own personal work there was therapy, which brought up and released childhood hurts (some of them quite serious) that I had not acknowledged or healed. Shamanic healing went further and helped me to be aware and release more from this lifetime and past lives. Flower Essences have been and continue to help me to understand myself and become more balanced and stable on all levels. Most recently I have used Holosync from Centerpointe. This rests on work from Prigogine, feeding slightly different frequencies into each ear. This causes new neural pathways to be built into the brain, and in the process increases the ability to handle stress.

Because it has been so powerful for me, I continue to work with clients using the shamanic/energetic healing, flower essences and conversations.

I invite you to the conversation.

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